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Now as industrial 4.0 continues booming, it is not just merely how to put your machines together, but how they can communicate smartly to run your production line with more efficiency and accuracy. Edge servers are physically close to the systems or applications that are creating the data being stored on, or used by, the server.

This video will focus on the new trending of Industrial field on the GPOE-6P (SIX PORTS), and talk about related various applications. The GPOE-6P providing up to 6 PoE can easily build a power centrally controlled by IP phone system, IP camera system, or wireless AP group for surveillance demands or for a wireless roaming network.

IEI’s Body Temperature Monitoring System uses IEI POCi Series AIO Medical Grade Panel PC and a thermal camera. It can be your best partner for pandemic prevention, protect our homeland and combat the pandemic together.

Acceleration Card Mustang-F100-A10

Intel OpenVINO™ Toolkit Installation Guide|IEI Mustang-F100-A10

IEI Deep Learning Inference Acceleration Card |Mustang V100

IEI FLEX AIoT Developer Kit | Smart Choice for Inference System With AI

Compact AI edge computing system|AI edge computing|ITG-100AI

IEI Mustang mini AI accelerator series with the Intel® solution adopted is your best choice of AI deep learning and inference. In the video, we will introduce the features of IEI mini AI accelerators and how to choose a suitable accelerator for your application. You can also visit IEI’s website for more product details.

The License Plate Recognition System developed by IEI and AlphaInfo is integrated with I/O controllers for connecting peripheral devices such as parking gate or alarm system to monitor vehicle efficiently and further help you manage the parking lot intelligently.

As technology advances, AI, deep learning, big data analysis, etc. have become popular topics. Therefore, the demand for data is also increasing, and the transmission, analysis, or access of data has become a problem for enterprises. IEI's product PUZZLE-IN004 not only has fast transmission speed but also greatly improves processing performance. Whether you are a small business or a data processing center, you can choose the corresponding equipment according to your needs.

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